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Hello, beautiful people. Imagine a night under the starry sky of Ushuaia, with the snow of Ushuaia crunching under your feet and adventures waiting for you around every corner. With INFO DE USHUAIA, you will be able to live a unique nighttime experience at the End of the World. Join us!

Starting the adventure

As you embark on this journey with Excursiones in Ushuaia, anticipation grows as the vehicle travels along the snowy roads of Ushuaia, illuminated by the faint Patagonian sunset. As you enter the heart of the winter landscape, the city falls behind, giving way to vast white fields and snow-covered forests. The sound of the snow crunching under the wheels and the fresh aroma of the mountain air prepare you for an experience that promises to be as magical as it is unforgettable.

Snowshoe trekking

Tourists enjoying the snow on a unique night

Snowshoe across a frozen peat swamp. As the snow accumulates, snowshoes become more useful, making your passage easier. During this low difficulty trek, our guides will tell you about the flora, fauna and curiosities of the landscape that surrounds you.

Speeding in the snow

One of our snowmobiles on the White Night

Driving your own snowmobile

If you've never ridden a snowmobile, don't worry. We will give you all the necessary instructions. And if you prefer not to drive, no problem, we'll take you. Each motorcycle is for two, so halfway through, if you want, you can change drivers so that you both have the full experience.

Finishing with flavor

Enjoying lunch at Villa Las Cotorras

Dinner under the stars

After the emotions, a delicious dinner awaits you in our cozy restaurant. You will be able to enjoy a buffet of unlimited pastas and drinks, culminating with a dessert that you will love. Once satisfied, we take you back to your accommodation in Ushuaia, closing an unforgettable night.


  • “The night experience in the snow was something I will never forget. The trekking, the snowmobiling and the dinner… everything was perfect. Thank you, INFO DE USHUAIA.” – Lucas, Mendoza.
  • “Riding a snowmobile under the stars was incredible. And dinner, delicious. 100% recommended!" – Valeria, Santa Fe.
  • “From trekking to dinner, everything was impeccable. Thank you for showing me the nighttime magic of Ushuaia.” – Martin, La Plata.

Ushuaia invites you to live a unique nighttime experience. Do you dare to discover it? Book your magical night in the snow now and let yourself be surprised.

Frequently Asked Questions

During what months is the excursion available?

It is available during the winter season, between the months of July and September.

Do I need previous experience to drive the snowmobile?

It is not necessary to have previous experience, our guides are experts and will teach you everything about driving snowmobiles.

Are there bathrooms during the excursion?

Yes, the winter center where we take the excursion has bathrooms in optimal conditions.

Is there wifi during the excursion?

No, at one point during the route of Route Nº3 we will run out of telephone signal, we recommend that you share your itinerary with family and friends.

What happens if I am vegan or vegetarian?

We have both options for lunch. If you are, please let us know at the time of booking to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Can I take the excursion if I have reduced mobility?

Of course! We do everything possible so that anyone can enjoy our experiences in the best way.

Are there age restrictions for excursions?

Yes, the snowmobile activity is exclusive for those over 18 years of age to guarantee the safety of all passengers.

Activities are safe for children

Yes, all our activities are suitable for children as long as they are accompanied by an adult.



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