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Beavers live in cold, riparian areas and work as a community to make their homes, being the only species after humans to modify their environment in order to live. Beaver lodges (called dams or burrows) are built to protect them from predators and to quickly access food during the winter. However, their function is to stop the flow of the current, to create a pool of calm water to build more "rooms".

They can rebuild their beaver houses in the course of one night and are made of tree trunks, mud, branches and leaves.

The hike will be in peat and forest territory, towards the beaver farms.

This area is the ideal habitat for these friendly animals and we will have the chance to visit several beaver colonies with the certainty of seeing them in their wildest state.

In addition to learning about their habitat and the fact that they introduced beavers to our lands, we will learn about the ecology of the place, forest and mountains.

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Beavers and Beaver in the Ushuaia Excursions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Do we see beavers?
1.- Besides knowing its wonderful engineering, you can see live and in direct to the Beavers and their beaver houses
2.- Does it include dinner?
2.- Yes! we had a nice dinner before going back to the hotel.
3.- Is this tour available in winter?
3.- No, at that time of the year beavers almost hibernate, so they cannot be sighted at low temperatures.
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