Puerto Almanza

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Puerto Almanza: Landscapes and history to remember

Puerto Almanza, known for being the first village in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, It is an ideal tourist destination for those looking to enjoy nature and the history behind it. 

With the excursion of Spider Crab Route You will be able to enjoy the wonders that Puerto Almanza has to offer us. Its beautiful landscapes and history make it an excursion that cannot be missed on a visit to Ushuaia. In addition, you can enjoy a gastronomic experience and, if you wish, you can hire the premium version that includes the Centolla menu.

During the journey you can be dazzled by famous people Flag Trees, that have the characteristic of growing in a very particular way. They grow in the shape of a flag as their name indicates because the places where they grow are, in general, with a high presence of strong winds, which means that they are constantly subjected to its force.

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¿Estas listo para una autentica aventura 4x4 e el corazón del Fin del Mundo?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.- ¿Vamos en camionetas 4x4?
1.- El vehículo será acorde a la cantidad de pasajeros, podemos ir en camionetas 4x4 de 6 asientos o en minibuses de 19 asientos.
2.- Do we make stops during the tour?
2.- Of course yes! During the tour we will make stops where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and take the best photos.
3.- Do we eat crab?
3.- The crab is exclusive to the premium version of this tour, the traditional version's lunch consists of the catch of the day.
4.- Does it include transfer?
4.- Sure! This excursion includes round-trip transportation.
5.- Can I hire a private service?
5.- If you want to go in a more private and personalized way, contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know.
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