Horseback riding in Ushuaia

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I discovered Mount Susannah on horseback

Riding a horse is an amazing experience wherever you go, but if the ride is in the city of UshuaiaThe scenery to be admired will be even more marvelous, because the landscapes are indescribable. You have to make the trip yourself to realize its majesty and endless beauty.

Throughout the tour there are stops to rest and at the same time to admire the beautiful scenery. It is worth mentioning that all the horses are trained at the riding club in Ushuaia and they know the way there and back perfectly. 

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Ready to relive history on a Horseback Ride in Ushuaia?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.-Is previous experience required?
1.-No! No previous experience is necessary. But in case this is your first time, we recommend you to start with the horseback riding 2hs.
2.-Are there age exclusions?
2.- No, there are no minimum or maximum ages.
3.-What do the rides include?
3.- All rides include transportation to and from the equestrian center, insurance and medical coverage.
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