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We go out with you every day to show you the most beautiful of this corner of the world. We are dedicated to fulfill your dream of getting to know Ushuaia, and we guarantee you the best memories of the End of the World.

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This is the Story behind EXCURSIONS IN USHUAIA

Hello beautiful people

This is Joaquín Fava Aguiar, founder of the travel agency EXCURSIONES EN USHUAIA.

I am very proud that people like you come on vacation to the place where I chose to live. For me, what I do is not a job: it is MY PASSION.

But it wasn't always like that, my luck changed a long time ago.

My love affair with Ushuaia began 19 years ago.

Buenos Aires, February 2004

A friend of mine had a travel company, and I told him about my desire to visit Ushuaia. Following his advice, I planned to stay only three days. The truth is that my friend barely knew how to pronounce the name of the city well and had no idea how many days to recommend so that I wouldn't miss anything.

I was determined. I packed my bags, and I came.

I was fascinated. Those 3 days flew by, and I hardly had time to enjoy them.

Last night, something wouldn't let me sleep.


Por mi cabeza pasaban mil imágenes. La gente bajando de los cruceros. Los paisajes alucinantes de ese rincón de la tierra. El mar. El bosque. La montaña. Ushuaia parece sacado de un sueño.

Y sin embargo, el servicio turístico por aquel entonces no estaba a la altura. Había mucho por mejorar.

The gastronomy did not open its doors until 11 in the morning - actually, they were only preparing the kitchen for lunch. You could only have breakfast if you were staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

The hotels had a basic, but very familiar, friendly and predisposed attention. 

Here was a great opportunity. I started to dream big.

Mientras estiraba esos 3 días en Ushuaia, armé el bosquejo de un plan de negocio.

I decided to look for land to build a high-end lodge complex, inspired by the architecture of the Swiss alpine huts. This is how we created FINISTERRIS LODGEThe first private spa complex in the world.

Each cabin had its own private spa, private chef service and 24-hour personalized attention.

Claro, eso no era para todo el mundo. Mucha gente quería acceder a este nivel de servicio, pero no podía costearlo. Fue así como en 2009 detecté otra nueva gran oportunidad y fundé EXCURSIONS IN USHUAIA.

We started selling excursions OnLine. Little by little we managed to sell our own services, with our own vehicles, guides and even commercial offices.

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