Tierra del Fuego National Park

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Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park is located 11 km from the city of Ushuaia and is the proposal par excellence for those seeking to discover the nature of Patagonia on vacation. You can walk among lengas, peat bogs, cherry trees, beavers and coasts. Nature can be breathed in every step. It preserves species of the typical Fuegian Patagonian forest such as beeches, ñires, bushes and Indian beards. You can easily walk through all its marked trails. The most visited sites are the panoramic points towards the Beagle Channel, in Ensenada Bay. From there you can send postcards and receive a certificate of having stepped on "the end of the world". There are hundreds of variants to visit the park, depending on the time of stay and also on the abilities and ages of the tourists.

Once in the national park, you can walk through part of the vast expanse, making several stops to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views and take hundreds of photographs.

The park is subdivided into zones, in each of which the permitted activities are regulated in accordance with the established preservation objectives. Of the total of 63 thousand hectares that make up the park, only an area of ​​2 thousand hectares is intended for tourist use, with the rest classified as a strict nature reserve. Within the limits of the national park there are two private properties, one of 322 hectares and the other of 2 hectares.

The park is administered by the National Parks Administration. There are numerous park rangers located throughout the park who enforce the park's regulations regarding permitted and unpermitted activities and guide tourists and visitors who visit the park.

By Resolution No. 126/2011 of the National Parks Administration of May 19, 2011, it was decided that the national park would be classified for administrative purposes in the category of "National Park". protected areas of complexity Iand therefore has at its head a mayor designated, under which 6 departments (Administration; Works and Maintenance; National Park Rangers; Conservation and Environmental Education; Public Use; Human Resources and Training) and 2 divisions (Dispatch and Incoming, Outgoing, and Notifications; Legal Affairs) report. The Municipality is headquartered in the city of Ushuaia.

Tierra del Fuego National Park Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.-Is it possible to visit the lighthouse in the park?
1.- The only place where you can see the lighthouse is by visiting the Beagle Channel
2.-Is horseback riding available?
2.- The rides we carry them out at the Equestrian Center of the city.
3.-Can the trekking trails be done in winter?
3.- Ice and snow cause the trails in the National Park to be closed in winter for safety reasons.
4.-Let's go see beavers?
4.- You won't find beavers in the National Park, but you will see beavers where these animals once lived.
5.-Can I feed the animals inside the park?
5.- The park rangers expressly request that we do not feed the animals in the area since they are wild animals.
6.- Do we walk a lot?
6.- In the National Park, we take short walks to take the best pictures of the place.
7.- If it snows, can I still go out?
7.-Of course, with snow you can enjoy it in a different way.
8.- What clothes should I wear?
9.-Is lunch included?
9.-No, lunch is not included, since we finish around 1.30 pm in the center, where there is a varied gastronomic offer.
10.-Is there an entrance fee to the park?
10.- The entrance fee to the park is paid separately and before entering. It is paid only in cash.
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