Buceo en el fin del mundo

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There is a world to know under the ocean!

Great characters have passed through our waters: from our canoeists to our canoeists Yamanas,  to Darwin and Fitz Roy

When you dive into the waters of the Beagle Channel You will discover what looks very much like a submerged forest, and it is truly spectacular when the sun's rays illuminate the depths. The depth reached is around 12 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.- If I have never dived, can I do it?
1.- Here you will find the answer (blog)
2.- Do you dive all year round?
2.- Yes. We go out all year round.
3.- From what age can I dive?
3.- From 12 years of age.
4.-Is the boarding fee for diving included?
4.-No, you must pay at the pier.
5.-How many dives are there?
5.-This varies between a beginner and an experienced diver.
6.-Do you embark or are you from the shore?
6.- We have two options.
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