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Beagle Channel Navigation

One of the most popular excursions in the capital of Tierra del Fuego is the one that includes the navigation through the beautiful Beagle Channel, leaving from the port of the Ushuaia Bay. Thanks to this tour you will be able to get to know the islands that make up the Canal, as well as learn about the flora, fauna and history.

Navigation features

The Beagle Channel crossing is a half-day excursion, since it lasts approximately 4 hours. There are two daily departures: the first one at 9.30 am and the second one at 3 pm. You will be able to enjoy another activity during the rest of the day without any problem.

The maximum number of passengers accepted per trip is 24, so you must book in advance if you want a place and a good discount.

It is a tour to do with your family, your partner or friends because it does not require any effort, just let yourself be dazzled by nature. It is included: breakfast or snack with tea, hot chocolate, coffee with liquor or mate and cookies.

Navigation itinerary

The vessel departs from the Port of UshuaiaYou will be greeted by a team of crew members and their captain, all ready to help you and teach you everything they know from the first minute of the ride. Once everyone is comfortable in their seats, the adventure begins.

The first stop is at Alicia Island, where you can observe a large colony of sea lions, the tour continues to the bird island, with several species of birds to admire and take pictures. Then, it goes to the island of the sea lions, where two types of this marine mammal live: one or two hairs. You will also visit the Les Eclaireus lighthouse and its small archipelago of the same name.

During the return trip to the port and the city, a stop is made at Bridges Island, where you can opt for a hike along marked trails in order to see native flora and fauna. You can also find archaeological remains of the Yámana Indians.



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